SCS BB-10 Booster

Booster BB-10 is a booster effect with gain control up to 25 or up to 40 dB. With it, you can “warm up” your tube amplifier or preamp without changing the structure of the guitar sound. It can also be used as a buffer when the knobs are set accordingly. Using high and low pass filters, you can correct the tone of your guitar, or, for example, bring your "single" closer to the sound of a humbucker. The pedal can be used in almost all styles of music from classical jazz to extreme metal music. It is assembled on the most modern element base using a special low-noise Burr-Brown OPA2604 microcircuit. A true “TRUE BYPASS” is achieved by using an ALPHA footswitch. Compatible with YERASOV SCS Pedalboard.

To avoid background noise or hum, use only YERASOV AD9-100 or AD9-400 stabilized power adapters.