SCS BF-10 Compressor

The BF-10 is a Guitar Compressor - a sustainer compressor. By amplifying weak vibrations of the strings and attenuating signals with high levels, it evens out and lengthens the sound of the instrument, preserving its naturalness and without introducing distortion. The pedal emphasizes the style and personality of the performer, giving a special dynamic color to the sound. The pedal has 4 control knobs: SUSTAIN, ATTACK, TONE and LEVEL. By changing the settings, you can achieve the desired sound that matches the style and character of playing.
BF-10 is assembled on a modern element base. The use of one of the best controllable amplifiers, the 2181 THAT Corporation, has resulted in excellent dynamic and noise performance. Film capacitors are used in the sound path. The use of high quality electronic components ensures reliable operation of the product. The pedal features an ALPHA footswitch for a true “TRUE BYPASS”. BF-10 is compatible with YERASOV SCS Pedalboard.

To avoid background noise or hum, use only YERASOV AD9-100 or AD9-400 stabilized power adapters.