SCS DM-60 Delay

The DM-60 is a classic digital delay. The pedal generates a delay signal and superimposes it on the original signal, which allows you to get various effects from a short delay that simulates the sound of a spring reverb, to the repetition of entire musical phrases. A feature of its circuit design is the simultaneous inclusion of two PT2399 microcircuits according to the original scheme, which allows to reduce the distortion and noise of the delayed signal by about 4 times. Using a special filter gives the sound so much appreciated by many "analog". This, despite its low price, makes the DM-60 popular not only among amateurs, but also among professional musicians. DM-60 is compatible with YERASOV SCS pedalboard.

To avoid background noise or hum, use only YERASOV AD9-100 or AD9-400 stabilized power adapters.