SCS FS-12 Footswitch

Footswitch FS-12 is a passive foot switch combined with a speaker simulator and headphone amplifier. Depending on the selected mode, signals are sent from slot B to slot A or slot C to slot A.
The switch is bi-directional, i.e. If you apply a signal to jack A, the signal will be sent to jack B or jack C depending on the position of the switch.
When the AB channel is turned on, the LED indicator lights up. When channel A-C is turned on, the LED indicator goes out. When FS-12 is set to an SCS pedalboard, the switch acts as TRUE BYPASS for the entire pedalboard. In this case, it should be installed on the left side of the pedalboard edge. The signal to the speaker simulator is fed from jack A. The output jack for the speaker simulator and headphones is common, when the stereo headphones are turned on, they both work in mono mode, when the mono jack is turned on, the mono signal is fed into the line. There are two switches, simulating 1x12 "or 2x12" cabinets and setting them to Jensen type speakers for clean sound or Eminence for overdrive. Compatible with YERASOV SCS pedalboard.

To avoid background noise or hum, use only YERASOV AD9-100 or AD9-400 stabilized power adapters.