SCS PQ-10B Bass Parametric Equalizer

The PQ-10B parametric equalizer is great for bass guitar of any type and number of strings. The device flexibly changes the timbre of the instrument's sounding, making it easy to replace several different bass guitars with just one! In addition to the usual treble and bass controls, the pedal has three-band fully parametric bass, mid and treble controls. Each band has its own adjustments for frequency offset, Q factor and level. The wide range of adjustments ideally adjusts the frequency balance of the instrument to bring out the brightness of a slap passage or simulate a "thick" double bass sound. The PQ-10B will perfectly tame your bass into any mix of styles, from big band and funk to hard rock and metal. Combines with any overdrive, significantly expanding the range of their application, and, of course, with the rest of the SCS bass effects, allowing you to get your own signature sound, different from others. Compatible with YERASOV SCS pedalboard.