Guitar combo Classic 45

Do you love the sound of the vintage amps the guitar heroes of yesterday used?  The Classic 45 is an all tube combo ideally suited for stage and studio work. High and low inputs mean your guitar can interact with the amp in different ways and dialling in the right sound is easy with a straightforward two band eq. But for recreating those sounds from glassy warm and  clean to bright and aggressive, the power amp tubes can run in either Class or Class AB – a subtle but noticeable difference when you are searching for  vintage sounds.

  • Channels: Class A/AB (switched)
  • Dimensions: 445x425x255 mm
  • Equalization: Bass, Treble
  • Inputs:  Hi&Low Jacks, Line Input
  • Output power:    15/45 Watts (switched)
  • Preamp Valves:  ECC83S
  • Power Amp Valves:   6L6  
  • Speaker Connections: 1x8 Ohm
  • Speaker: Celestion Vintage 30
  • Weight: 18 kgs