Introducing the new Pterodriver PD-7!

The Pterodriver tube floor preamp has long been loved by many guitarists. This device has gained great popularity - both a circulation of several thousand copies and numerous topics on the forums - how it sounds, how it is modified, etc.
From the very first day the veteran was discontinued, we were constantly asked to release a new model. Having listened to the wishes of the guitarists, we preserved the sound of "that" Pterodriver, redesigning the design and functionality.
A round body is unusual, but impractical, especially when there is a constant lack of space in the pedalboard. With a rectangular shape, collecting a puzzle from your favorite pedals and Pterodriver has become much more convenient.
Separate volume, gain and tone controls for each channel - making sound adjustments very easy, and the device itself has become more flexible on stage.
Lovers of vibrant single-coil crunch will appreciate the Bright toggle switch on the clean channel, while fans of cosmic chains of delays, chorus and reverb will appreciate the built-in effects loop.
What else? Of course, the sea of ​​gain, which will be enough for even the most sophisticated lovers of distortion.
Introducing the new Pterodriver PD-7!