IRon Cab impulse response cabinet simulator

IRon Cab is an Impulse Response (IR) based stereo cabinet emulator. It supports IRs in wav 48kHz 24-bit format. Effective IR length is 20ms. IRon Cab provides a built-it mixer that allows flexible signal routing. Besides two independent IR blocks, you’ll find Noise Gate, Parametric EQ, Saturation, Room/Reverb effects, which can be applied independently to left and right channels.
IRon Cab comes with a microSD card to load impulses from. There are 100 presets to store your settings and IRs. Together with single impulses, IRon Cab supports collections in CAB format. One collection may include 15 speaker types with up to 15 mics for each and 15 mic positions. To create a collection, use CAB editor provided as a part of software bundle for IRon Cab.
- Use two independent inputs (Left In and Right In) for stereo or to plug two instruments (guitar and bass for example) into IRon Cab simultaneously
- Connect a speaker cabinet or a loadbox to the Link output
- Copy your IRs onto provided microSD memory card and use them with IRon Cab
- Assign your favorite presets and functions to 4 speed buttons
- Use independent effects settings for Left Out and Right Out
- Connect your phone or other playback device to Aux In and monitor it through the Phones Out together with your guitar sound.

Download: Manual

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