SCS RS-10 Distortion

The RS-10 is a distortion effect. Depending on the position of the knobs, you can get almost the entire spectrum of distorting effects - clean, slightly loaded sound for use as a booster, light and melodious overdrive that is sensitive to the position of the volume knob on the guitar, great crunch that responds to the dynamics of playing, and powerful distortion. A feature of its timbre block is the adjustment at low frequencies both before the distortion stage and after it, which allows you to adjust not only the timbre, but also the structure of the distorted sound.
The pedal is assembled on the most modern element base: low-noise Burr-Brown OPA2604 microcircuit, high-precision resistors, electrolytic capacitors with low leakage currents. Film capacitors are used in the sound path. The pedal features a high quality ALPHA footswitch for a true “TRUE BYPASS”. RS-10 is compatible with YERASOV SCS pedal board.

To avoid background noise or hum, use only YERASOV AD9-100 or AD9-400 stabilized power adapters.