Guitar combo GTA-15JB

The Yerasov GTA15 is an all valve 15 watt single speaker guitar amplifier designed and manufactured in Russia. Two top quality JJ made ECC83 valves in the preamp feed into two EL84s in the power amp creating a CLASS A sound like the famed Vox Ac15 and AC 30. This all valve line up produces a huge range of dynamics giving you everything from a clear tube tone through crunch to a warm creamy overdrive at higher volume settings. (All driveable from the guitar's volume control like the classic amps that helped produce the most famous guitar sounds of all time.)
This amp is loud enough for small to medium size gigs, without miking up through a PA ,and rehearsal and, as the background noise is extremely low, ideal for the recording studio and home use. Finding the right sound is easy. There is one volume and one highly flexible tone control covering a vast sonic range so dialing in the sound you want is simplicity itself. The top control panel features both a guitar jack input and a line in jack for connecting line level processors/preamps.
Completing the sound chain for the best possible tone is a ten inch Jensen C10Q 35 watt speaker- the same as was fitted to Fender amps in the 1960's and which is still one of the best upgrades for today's small Fender and Laney amps.
Inside you'll find top quality components with the ceramic valve sockets, switch, oversized transformers, fuse and speaker jack socket HAND wired so reliability is assured and with a tough solid cabinet the GTA 15 will easily cope with life on the road and in the studio.

  • Channels: 1
  • Class: AB
  • Dimensions: 385x385x235
  • Equalization: Tone
  • Footswitch: None
  • Inputs: 1 Guitar Input, 1 Line Input
  • Output power: 15 Watts
  • Preamp Valves: 2хECC83S
  • Power Amp Valves: 2хEL84
  • Reverb: None
  • Speaker: Jensen C10Q 8 Ohm
  • Weight: 12 kgs
  • Unique Features: Custom Design